Moving day has arrived.  Time to say goodbye to LA and make our way to Seattle.   It’s going to be quite around here this week but feel free to follow along on Instagram.  And come back next week for some eats and highlights from the trip.  xo




Like many of you, I’ve had a lot of experience with cleansing and detoxing.  Over the years my idea of what it means has evolved, pretty significantly.   “A cleanse” for me, today, is about more than cleaning up the food that goes into my body.  It’s about the space around me, the information I’m absorbing and the way that I’m living.  By de-cluttering my home I create a sense of calm and open up space for newness to enter.  And by choosing  to invest my time in things and people that give me energy, as opposed to deplete it, I’m reconnecting with who I am, what I authentically need and want to spend my time doing.

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I’m not going to say that I’m “cleansing” because I don’t want to imply that I’m not eating food.  There will always be food.  However, I will say that I’m doing what I like to do every now and again and clearing out the cobwebs.  Hitting the reset button on my diet, my space, my brain.   It’s a week of removing allergens, refined sugars and toxins and replacing them with lots of bright vegetables, alkaline juices and smoothies and loads of water.   During this week I’ll try to make more time for meditation and exercise and focus on decluttering my space.

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