This Must Be the Place

 When I think about getting out of LA (on the daily) my thoughts drift up the coast.  They mosey up the PCH to Malibu, through Santa Barbara with a heavy sigh and appreciative pause in Big Sur.  They make their way to San Francisco, through Marin County, Pt. Reyes and Mendocino.  In my dreams the road never ends.




This week has been riddled with happenstance.  One day after another full of moments that felt as though they were all conspiring to make sure I was paying attention.  There was the conversation with a coworker in which I mentioned that there were “two clothing racks” in my closet.  In the next instant someone pulling two wardrobe racks passed casually in front of us.  Or the G-chat from an old acquaintance that I had just been talking about but hadn’t really thought about much in years.

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