If you asked me to imagine the home of my dreams I would tell you about a little house nestled amongst redwood trees existing somewhere between the mountains and beach.  The environment here manufactures crystal clear streams and pure, crisp oxygen. Clothes are dried on a line strung between two giant trees and a garden grows tomatoes, strawberries and kale.

Inside, the house is snug and warm.  It’s lived in and loved with a kitchen that churns out tasty, clean comfort food each day.  These banana, chocolate chip muffins might be cooling on a rack while coffee brews…a pre-hike snack before the inevitable day outside.

Ya, that’s the stuff.

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(Left: Bloglovin; Right: Apartment Therapy)

A new home means a new kitchen.  An opportunity for more open space and brighter light.  We are about to begin the great home hunt 2015 and in preparation I’ve been admiring some of the simple, cozy kitchen designs floating around Pinterest.  I dream of spaces like these.  Not too precious, inviting a bit of mischief and mess. A little industrial, reclaimed and bohemian is my jam and if my kitchen should be encased in glass and/or feature a hobbit-inspired pizza oven…so be it.

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homemade mochi

There are a couple of things that inspired this post. The first is our somewhat unhealthy relationship to mochi ice cream. The speed at which we blow through a box of these blissful little bon bons is frightening.  The second is Namiko Chen over at Just One Cookbook.  I discovered Nami and her incredibly clear homemade mochi tutorial while resarching how it’s done.  What I had understood to be a relatively complex process, she made much less intimidating.

homemade mochi ice cream