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You can’t throw a stick these days without hitting a conversation about Podcasts. They have become a total thing and nothing makes this self-proclaimed, ‘cast nerd happier. The problem is that there are so many inspired and thought-provoking shows that deciding how to spend my limited listening time becomes a daily debacle.


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Growing up in South Dakota I wasn’t introduced to much in the way of ethnic food. My first, real, authentic Indian food (read: not cheap takeout) was while I was living in Boston. A friend and I were on a road trip and we stopped a gas station in Pennsylvania to fill up. The station was owned by an Indian family who was selling homemade curries and masalas from a refrigerated case next to the beer and soda. We picked up a container of Aloo Chole and it was completely new experience. It was light and clean and you could distinguish the ginger from the turmeric, garlic and coriander. To this day, I want more.

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