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Inn ‘n Out

Posted in Holidays, Travel, weekend getaways by Heather on December 3, 2012


While we were back East for Thanksgiving we took a drive up the New England coast to spend our last night in Kennebunkport, Maine. We love the idea of a cozy inn but aren’t exactly classic B&B people. We found The Inn at English Meadows and as far as finding our perfect spot, we sort of nailed it.  Our sweet & savvy hosts Eric and Liz  moved to Maine after growing professional careers in NYC’s apparel industry.  Leveraging their obvious sense of style they remodeled this lovely victorian home to reflect a more contemporary, less traditional esthetic.  They’ve completely mastered the art of cozy + modern.  From the bed linens to the bath products, everything was warm and tasteful (bath products were my very faves from Malin & Goetz).  And don’t get me started about the breakfast portion of the program.  I only wish I’d nabbed a photo or two of the poached pears with marscapone or the homemade pancakes with fresh Maine maple syrup.  Some moments simply can’t be interrupted.





Such a great way to spend the last night of our holiday.
If you get the chance, please book a night or two with Eric and Liz.
We’re already cooking up an excuse to go back!

xo Heather

On Foot

Posted in Fall, Holidays, Photography, Venice by Heather on October 27, 2012

My Mother has been walking between 5-10 miles a day for the past couple of years.  Of course she looks and feels fantastic and given that she and my Step-Dad, Jim spend the winter months traveling the country, her strolls often allow her to explore some beautiful, uncharted territory.

I’m a walker too.  I’m not logging Mom-like miles but it’s how I prefer to navigate and see a place.  A couple of years ago I shared a walk to my office in San Francisco.  This morning, my camera and I hit the streets of our new(ish) neighborhood.

Today’s observation: it appears as though Venice is a tricky treatin’ kind of  town!
The yard ornaments in the hood are pretty clever.  A reflection of the FX and movie make-up talent around these parts, no doubt.

Later tonight our street shuts down for a showing of
It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Rear Window.

Have a great Halloween!

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Posted in family and friends, Foodie Fun by Heather on September 11, 2012

“Do you re-men-bah…the twenty first niiiiight of Sep-tem-bah…” Does anyone else hear Earth, Wind & Fire right now?

Not only does month nine signal birthday time over here it also means the transition to Fall, my fave of seasons.  Back in the day it also served up a new school year which meant reuniting with friends. My classroom days are long gone (as are the seasons) but we’ve been in LA since the start of summer and I’m excited to say that this month is all about reuniting with my No. Cal. besties.

We kicked off the parade of houseguests last weekend with a visit from two seriously sweet lady friends, Vember and Justine. Together we learned that the aperitif that begins at 7:00pm doesn’t need to end before dinner.  In fact, a pile of pistachios and manzanilla olives make a for the perfect seven-hour meal.  We hit every inch of Venice, leaving no canal, shop or inch of beach untrodden.  There was an amazing lunch at Gjelina and drive up the coast.  The main event was a backyard feast whose menu and prep were a true team effort.  And in large part, we kept it gluten and dairy free (save for a few gooey heaps of buratta and some vanilla gelato).

The meal was sort of spectacular:

Grilled white peaches with prosciutto and burrata, drizzled with balsamic reduction
(inspired by the dish served at Gjelina)
Grilled vegetable salad with shaved parmesan
Roasted cauliflower and green beans
Grilled ribeye steaks
Strawberry crumble with vanilla gelato

But not as wonderful as the company.
Thanks for a great weekend, ladies!


Northern Nuptials

Posted in Photography, Travel, weekend getaways by Heather on August 31, 2012

Last weekend we made our way back to Northern California to celebrate the eagerly anticipated wedding of our sweet friends John and Margaret in Healdsburg.  We took a couple of extra days on the front-end of the weekend to enjoy some of our favorite wine country spots and to scout locations for our own knot-tying.

Unlike the central US, California wine country has seen the perfect amount of rain this year making for some beautiful pre-harvest vineyard strolls, not to mention sips.  That said, you might want to stock up on your favorite California wines, vintage 2010.  “It’s a very good year.”

LA is re-growing on me but Northern California?
Nothing will ever compare.

xo Heather

House Tour

Posted in Uncategorized by Heather on July 21, 2012

Unpacking – check.
Experiencing the utter bliss of sleeping in our own bed – check.
Requisite trips to Home Depot, BBB and Ikea – check.
Less obligatory trips to CB2 and West Elm – check.
Breaking in the back yard with friends – check, check and check.

It’s been a busy-bee sort of week – running errands and settling into our new home.  While the unloading of boxes has been a chore it’s been fun to discover how our things will *be* here and to start wireframing our space.

We’ve got some oats to sew before we’re ready for a real House Tour.  For example our dining table is a skosh dinky for it’s new habitat and the living room could use a little modern love and a bold character piece for the mantle.  The bedroom is too dark wood for a beach pad and we need a prescription for all of these books and walls.  There is much to be done but I’m in no hurry.  These things take time, don’tcha know?  Besides, I have big plans for scouring the Rose Bowl flea market and must also consult my girls Laure and Morgan in all of this.  These two are masters at the art of charmed spaces not to mention a serious hoot to spend a day with (see the fruits of our collective efforts here).

Yes, it will take some time to find our bungalow mo-jo but one week in it sure is feeling like home.

Enter House Tour:

That big empty room isn’t much just yet but the converted garage might be my favorite thing about this place.  The owner and previous resident is a stand up comedian and used this space as a studio from which he streamed his live, Sirius XM radio show.  Until one of us makes it big at the Laugh Factory our plan is to make this a guest room slash photography studio slash yoga den.

And maybe sometimes we’ll just sit in the middle of the room and soak up the funny.

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Shiny and New

Posted in Uncategorized by Heather on June 30, 2012

I really didn’t expect to go off the grid for two months.  Really, I didn’t. But our lives have done gone and turned upside down.  Being en fianced is just one of the many happy flips, flops and tilt-a-whirl twists we’ve been navigating.  Not the least of which was moving to LA.

It felt like lethal water torture to leave San Francisco. I mean…it was seriously sad. That said, we’ve been in LA now for over a month and as much as I hate to admit it LA fits us both in ways we seem to discover daily.  While it’s been a little scary and some days sad to be South the sun sure does shine a lot here.

There is so much that I’ve been wanting to share with you.  The slow road down the coast, our charmed corporate housing apartment, a stupid fun trip to Mexico and some food that I’m dying to prepare and shoot.  And then there is the most perfect little beach bungalow on earth.  In just seven days we get to call it home.

I’ve been capturing it all and will post more for you soon.  In the meantime here’s a quick peek at this little adventure of ours.



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